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Privacy Policy

We need to collect and use personal information about our policyholders and other persons in order to provide insurance and to meet our legal obligations under those contracts of insurance. This information can include personal details such as names, addresses and dates of birth, as well as more sensitive information such as medical records or criminal convictions.

In certain circumstances, we may need the policyholder’s or other person’s consent to process certain categories of information, particularly the more sensitive types of information. When we need to obtain such consent, we will request it (normally when the insurance policy is arranged or when a claim is made). No one is compelled to give their consent (it is voluntary) and consent may be withdrawn at any time. However, if consent is not given or is later withdrawn, this may affect our ability to provide the insurance cover, handle claims and carry out other contractual obligations.

Additionally, the way insurance works means that the personal information we hold about our policyholders and other persons may need to be shared with, and used by, a number of third parties in the insurance sector for example, insurers, agents or brokers, reinsurers, loss adjusters, sub-contractors, regulators, law enforcement agencies, fraud and crime prevention and detection agencies and compulsory insurance databases. However, we will only disclose such personal information in connection with the insurance policy in question and only to the extent required or permitted by law.

Our policyholders and other persons have rights in relation to the personal information we hold about them, including the right to access that information. If we have personal information about you and you wish to exercise your rights please contact our Data Protection Representative

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